Our Guarantees to You

At Organic Traffic Reactor, we believe that our clients value our expertise because they want results! And if we can’t deliver on those expectations, our clients will not be satisfied. That’s why we offer some of the best guarantees in the business, including:

Content Guarantee: To make sure you receive the right content that speaks to your exact needs!

On-page SEO Guarantee: That assures you that leading search engines like Google will love each and every page on your website!

Analysis Guarantee: Which promises credible and accurate fact-based assessment, on critical factors impacting your site, based on industry accepted 3rdparty metrics

Backlinks Guarantee: Giving you peace of mind that your backlinks are credible, respectable…and here to stay even after the end of our campaigns!

Refund Guarantee: Providing ironclad assurance that your money will get you what you want – or it will be returned 100%!

Results Guarantee: Which ensures that you get what you paid for, in accordance with industry-leading independent 3rd party standards!

And unlike many of our competitors, our Guarantees aren’t hidden away in 40-page legal documentation. It’s all right here, in plain English, for you to read. No fine print. No misleading statements. No confusing legal mumbo-jumbo. Just plain, Ironclad Guarantees!

1. Content Guarantees



All the content we will produce for you will be:

+ written by native English-speaking writers only

+ 100% original and authentic articles

+ revised and edited for free until you are satisfied

+ written with the highest quality levels in mind

+ will pass Copyscape uniqueness test

+ proofread and “mistake-free”

2. On-page SEO Guarantee



All the on-page recommendations and analysis done for your site will:

+ meet all the requirements of Google (like meta title length etc.)

+ follow industry best practices and strategies

+ include all important on-page factors that will be fully analyzed

+ will be safe for your organic rankings

3. Analysis Guarantee


All the analysis run according to your requests will:

+ gather all data from well know third part tools – so you will be able
to check and verify all the data included in your report

+ be done by SEO expert with years of experiences in the SEO niche

+ include review of all the factors important for your request


4. Backlinks Guarantee


The link building campaign that we will run for your project will meet the following criteria:

+ all backlinks will be permanent and stay alive after we finish your campaign

+ all backlinks will be indexed by search engines

+ be placed within relevant content

+ will come from sites with DA (domain authority by MOZ) or AR (Ahrefs rating) higher than 15

+ any backlink that gets broken, removed or deleted, or that does not meet the promised criteria, will be replaced for free

5. Refund Guarantee


you will get 100% of your money back in the following cases:

+ we'll refund 100% of your payment if we are unable deliver you the services you ordered


6. Results Guarantee


We guarantee that following the completion of our SEO campaign, you will see increases in at least one of the following metrics:

+ within 6 months following the commencement of one of our “Full SEO packages”, you’ll see significant increase to your Traffic Cost (Semrush metric)

+ following the commencement of one of our “Full SEO Packages”, within 6 months you’ll see marked increase to your Google rankings for the keywords promoted (or similar keywords)

+ within 6 months from the commencement of one of our “Full SEO packages”, you’ll see the total amount of your organic traffic increase significantly

+ should, for any unexpected reasons, any of the above results not materialize, we commit to keeping the campaign active until such time as the desired results are achieved. This includes all associated reporting

Additional Conditions


NOTE: The following conditions apply to our Results and our Money back Guarantees:

+ You MUST unconditionally follow all of our recommendations

+ Final assessment of results will be made within/following 6 months post the start of your link building campaign*

+ You agree to promote the number of keywords recommended by us for each of our SEO packages

+ You should cease and deceit from continuing or initiating any parallel black-hat SEO campaigns while the terms of our campaign are still in force

+ You must keep us appraised of any other SEO or link building activities that you undertake while the terms of our campaign are still in force


* You will see our campaigns produce results within a five to six month period following their initiation. This wait period (usually 6 months) is also consistent with Google’s policy of waiting for several months, since their last indexing process, before they re-index sites for updated positions/rankings. While this is not the norm, it is what often transpires.

It may require more than the stipulated 6-month period to produce results for sites that have previously been banned or penalized by Google, or that are in Google’s sandbox.