FREE comprehensive SEO  analysis for your website

The Organic Traffic Reactor team is available to review every aspect of SEO for your website, and to provide you helpful traffic enhancement and revenue maximizing tips – FOR FREE!

What makes us unique?
Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t just rely on BOTS and Apps to do the job!

Our comprehensive assessments are done manually, by a team of highly experienced SEO analysts.
We do a deep dive into your competitor’s websites, and produce detailed analysis reports that cover the following aspects:

Part 1.
Analysis of key competitor SEO metrics (Domain Rating, Amount of Referring Domains and Backlinks etc.)



+ Key metrics data, such as Domain Rating, Number of Referring Domains, Number of Backlinks etc.

+ NoFollow to DoFollow ratio data

+ Anchor text distribution data

+ …and a whole lot more!


So why are these metrics important to your business?

These SEO metrics, and others that we provide as part of this review, offer you a unique insight into the competitiveness of the site we are reviewing.
If your competitors enjoy a high Domain Rating (DR) score, it is likely because they’ve been established in that particular competitive niche for a while, and have a great backlink profile.

So how do you out rank your competitors? By building a better backlink profile! The more high-quality links you have, the better your DR score will be. And once that happens, Google will outrank your site over your competitors for any of your targeted keywords!

Part 2.
Competitor Traffic data analysis



+ Competitor traffic sources

+ Total organic traffic that each competitor site is receiving

+ Keywords that are driving  the largest amount  of organic traffic


So what makes competitor traffic data analysis so important for you?

Knowing exactly what sources drive the most traffic to your competitors, means that you too can start building targeted marketing strategies to influence those sources.

For example, some niches – like publishing or journalism – are extremely active on social media, from where they get most of their traffic. If you are a player in this niche, you may want to focus on creating more shareable content. Also spending dollars on AdWords campaigns, or using SEO dollars on non-social media marketing would be a waste of your money – Social Media Marketing (SMM) is what you need!
With the help of our Competitor Traffic Data Analysis, you can revamp your marketing efforts so they directly compete with the traffic sources feeding your competitor’s websites.

Part 3.
Competitor Content analysis data



+ Their top-rated organic search content

+ Their highest-ranking ‘linkbait’ content

+ Their content that’s shared the most

+ Average density of content (main page)


So why is competitor Content Analysis so important for you?

Our Competitor content analysis service helps our clients work smart, and spend wisely. By analyzing your competitor’s top-rated content, we can tell you what content on their sites are:

Ranked high for multiple keywords
Bring in huge loads of organic traffic

As a result, you no longer need to blow your SEO budget on dozens of keywords. All you need to do is create content targeting a handful of them – that you already know Google “likes” (thanks to our analysis!). That will not only save you time, but a ton of money too!

Part 4.
PPC analysis



+ The paid search keywords that your competitors bid on

+ The copy of content they use for PPC ads that they run


So how can an in-depth analysis of your competitors PPC data help you?

Firstly, it can shed light on the keywords they are targeting. And since their sites have better DR scores than yours (for now!), it means those keywords are profitable and effective. They have paid a lot of SEO dollars to find keywords that work. So why not leverage THEIR investment to further improve YOUR own DR?

Secondly, by putting their Ad copy and messaging under the microscope, you’ll know exactly how to frame your own content in order to ensure maximum traffic and conversion results. Now isn’t that a great use of your competitors investment!

Part 5.
Conclusions, estimations and recommendations based on the info gathered


Once we’ve conducted our deep-dive of your competitor’s data, from SEO metric to traffic data, and from content to PPC analysis; we’ll be able to provide you personalized recommendations on a number of areas, including:

+ How to improve your backlink profile

+ What content updates, if any, we recommend

+ Suggested content marketing strategies

+ Effective anchor text distribution

+ …and a lot more!


At the end of it all, we’ll recommend a range of our plans and customized service packages that can leverage our findings, and turn them to your advantage.

Our objective is to help you use your SEO investment wisely; so if your competitors currently out rank you in organic searches, that means they are doing something right. Why spend a ton of money ‘doing your own thing’ – only to find it doesn’t work? Why not work smart; learn what THEY are doing that makes them successful, and then we can help YOU do it better!

Our Competitor SEO Analysis is the best way to leverage Smart SEO to give you the biggest bang for your buck – Guaranteed!